Healing Crisis

7 Pitfalls of Dealing with Emotional Detox Reactions

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During a Healing Crisis - Clearing emotions can feel strange and disorientating. Suddenly one day for no apparent reason, you just feel like crying all the time, or feel very angry or sad

In the West many people expect “instant healing” and believe that for something to be working there should be the immediate absence of all physical and emotional discomfort. More often than not, this is not how real emotional or physical healing occurs. Most of the time when we emotionally cleanse, the body goes though a type of “healing crisis” where the emotion we are hoping to clear (e.g. anxiety) will first appear to intensify and get worse rather than better. This is very important to understand because these lower emotions will need to be felt and accepted in order to be cleansed and released. It’s important to understand how emotional healing occurs so you can stay on the journey and heal, rather than assuming it’s not working, and giving up.

If you are in a process of deep emotional healing and the pain is intensifying, be sure you have a solid support system around you and work with a professional who can guide you through the process. It is important during times of releasing negative emotions not to suppress or reject them, nor panic, or try to over-analyze them. Know instead that like everything; “this too shall pass.”

Emotional and energetic cleansing can be disorientating

Clearing emotions can feel strange and disorientating. Suddenly one day for no apparent reason, you just feel like crying all the time, or feel very angry or sad. Understand that once you start cleansing lower vibrating emotional energy, it will need to release through your body where you will feel it again. It is the only way lower energies integrate, through a release of emotion through your body. Critical to understand here is that there is NOTHING to do about these emotions except to breathe, feel and accept them, which will hasten the process and prevent anything getting stuck. A big mistake is to feel these feelings, then start attaching a mental story to them, creating a “drama” and becoming upset about the emotions, or projecting the cause of them onto others in your life, or taking some unnecessary action.

Remember all emotions are just Energy – nothing more It is key to grasp that if you truly are committed to the process of integrating and cleansing blocked emotions, be prepared that it can bring experiences into your life in order to burst bubbles of tied up lower frequency emotional energy. Most of the time these are fears that we may have. Scary as this may sound now, some people will have the very events they are most afraid of, actually occur so they can release a huge amount of emotion that is stuck and tied up with fear. For example: If you are terribly afraid of relapsing into a negative health state, it may happen so you come to realize, it really wasn’t something to be afraid of anymore, and the fear releases.A relationship will end, letting you feel and release the stuck emotions of abandonment stored from childhood, if you can see that this process was releasing stuck energy for you for good, you can move on quicker to a better healthier relationship.

You may loose something, like a home or money, which releases stuck energy related to survival fear, and helps you realize there is always abundance available to recreate them again, you are free.Failing at something such as a career or business can help you overcome the suck energy of fear of failure, so you move on even more empowered to your next venture, this is the story of so many successful entrepreneurs for example. So as frustrating and annoying as this may seem, these events are a great gift, they are the keys to healing and lead to long term happiness!

Events which happen to release stuck emotions are really keys to unlock stuck energy that is waiting to come become available to you!

Usually unlocking these keys contain some form of physical or emotional pain you were afraid to feel again. Beware, often when you make a choice to feel and experience something positive, the opposite may arrive temporarily in order the clear the path to getting the experience you really desire! This path is not for the fainthearted! However every experience deepens your compassion and inner strength.

Being too “Mental” and Self-Judgement

One of the most difficult and frustrating aspects of this work is coming to understand when you are simply being “mental.” Being stuck in the analytical mind is one of the TOP reasons you will find lower emotions either won’t integrate or you just can’t seem to release them. One way to know you are too heavily stuck in the mind is when you have a feeling of heaviness in the head, a kind of struggle, tenseness in the head, even a headache which comes about through over-thinking. Very often, when we stop the mind from its constant chatter, this is when the unresolved emotional energies come to the surface. This is why people can often feel anxiety just before bedtime or just before waking in the morning. The mind has stopped all its distractions and the emotional energy body is able to come into conscious awareness. This is also why, when you start to feel into your body daily, you can feel and connect to things you did not know you were carrying before, whether that was numbness, depression, anger, grief and so on. Another critical part of the “mental” pitfall is judgement from the inner critic part of us. It will be strange to observe, but an easy trap is when you start to notice how much you generally don’t accept yourself and judge yourself, you will find yourself being judgmental on yourself for being judgmental! Similarly, shame begets more shame. When we feel shame and self-loathing, it makes us feel even more ashamed!

Physical Detox symptoms

When you start to cleanse emotionally, you can get PHYSICAL detox symptoms too. One of the biggest issues is sleep disturbances. Waking up in the night or waking too early is normal when emotionally cleansing. Again simply going with the flow, getting sleep where you can, not worrying or trying to fix the “sleep problem” is key here. Emotional and energetic cleansing can cause symptoms such as: Fatigue, the process of integration is tiring on the energetic body, never underestimate thisFeeling hyper – like your nerves are burning. Your physical vibration is literally getting higher and your body is learning to move vast amounts of energy and higher frequencies through it, it can temporarily burnout our nervous system circuits, rest and nurturing time is very important Pain in various part of your body – head, neck, back etc. This is temporary and due to old stuck energy finally releasing Times where the body heats up – especially at night, causing sweating, this is a physical detoxing process, nothing is more biochemically detoxing than emotional integrationIncreasing intolerances of harsh chemicals in foods, and personal products, caffeine intolerance. These need to be avoided for a time Sometimes your mind will get very busy for no reason, it’s a kind of mind-dump/detoxVivid, strange and powerful dreams – it’s just detox Some people will even go through a week or two of feeling fluey, vomiting or diarrhea, headaches and generally feeling unwell.

This is just related to the release of old toxins stored in the body Just knowing what to expect, and understanding these are basic side effects from emotional and energetic integration (cleansing) will help you accept them and go with the flow, without worrying or “stressing” about them, or needing to “fix” them. Drinking plenty of water, eating a fresh unprocessed and unrefined organic diet and spending time in nature daily are all useful supports through this. Epsom salts baths also gently cleanse both to the energetic and physical body. Sleeping earthed is helpful. Any time you fully immerse your body in water helps to loosen and move stuck energies. Exercise and sweating from exercise is also very useful, as are saunas for releasing physical toxins. Breathing and continuing the emotional cleanse helps detox reactions to clear faster.

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