Difference Between Hypnotherapy & Coaching

By siliconvalleyhypnosiscenter Posted September 9, 2015 In Blog

People often ask me what the difference is. I’ll answer that question more directly in a minute. But the best way to describe it is to say that both hypnotherapy and life coaching are provided in service of helping you get what you want in life.

Life coaching often consists of an engagement with a coach, who is there to help you set and achieve goals. Coaching comes in many different forms. For example, some coaches center their practice around a type of coaching called accountability coaching. That means that from one session to the next you will make an agreement with your coach to complete certain tasks. If you do not complete them, you generally agree to complete them by the following session. When I do life coaching, it can involve many different forms beyond accountability coaching. What I most enjoy is working with someone to transform their life. We often pick several major aspects of their life – like their health, emotions, wealth, and more. Then we set goals for those aspects, and then I work with them to achieve their goals. That is why I often call the type of coaching I do “Transformational Coaching.” Because my goal is to help them transform their life, and live what was once just a dream or goal as a daily reality. That is where Hypnotherapy comes in.

Hypnotherapy is one of the modalities that I use to help people reach their goals in coaching. So the direct answer is that Hypnotherapy is part of the array of modalities and services I use with people as part of a coaching engagement. I do so because in order to help someone reach a major goal, they often have to get past what has stopped them up until now. We often have to do that deeper work to clear out the patterns that prevent them from reaching their goal. And hypnotherapy is a great tool for that. I have many other tools and modalities that I use with clients as part of coaching. I will describe them in future posts.

Drain That Pain Newcastle & Charlestown Hypnotherapy has many different processes and modalities that are used. Each session is designed around the clients wants and needs.